Hypro —Options trading protocol built on OKExchain


Decentralized financial (DeFi) applications have been growing exponentially in terms of users and volume as the cryptocurrency market further grows in capitalization.

Users can now earn interest on their crypto deposits, borrow assets with

crypto collateral and also trade derivatives — all accomplished in a decentralized way.

People never stops studying and developing the new style of derivatives trading in DeFi world. So there comes Hypro Protocol.

Things you should know about Hypro Protocol

The Hypro Protocol is the first decentralized derivative protocol on OKExChain. Enabling users to trade customized derivatives with rewards. Hypro creatively solves the liquidity problem of the DeFi derivative platform through the use of the AMM model. Thereby, Hypro makes it possible to purchase derivative on the decentralized exchange. Hypro introduces the concept of Option NFT, Tokenizes option and it can further split and trade option in the form of NFT. It has better liquidity and user experience than ever before.

What’s it for?

The goal of the protocol is to remove the need for trusted third parties. Thus, it has following design features:

l Decentralized 7*24 transactions, no registration, no KYC, and anti-censorship

l Token storage is non-custodial which means that only the user himself/herself can withdraw the funds.

l Money is moved between users’accounts only when they trade or exercise the option contracts.

l The protocol is free from counterparty risk.

l Since it is impossible to algorithmically assess creditworthiness, we require full pledge for option sellers.

l Since we want to give users the highest degree of assurance, the constraints which control users’funds are implemented directly on smart contracts.

l We aim to offer a more flexible and convenient derivative and make sure the purchased options can be resold at any time.

So, my dear supporters, this is only a brief intro to Hypro Protocol. If you’re interested in this super good project, make sure to follow us and get more news through the channels below:

l Twitter@@Hypro_official

l Telegram: https://t.me/Hypro_official

Hypro is the first decentralized on-chain derivative protocol on OKExChain. Enabling users to trade customized derivatives with rewards.